I'm Sorry - The Story

"Iím Sorry" is a modern day "Victorian Style" hauntings film that asks the question "what is paranormal and what is just abnormal?"

After her husband leaves to take a quick construction job in California, Elena is left alone in their three story bed and breakfast for the winter season. Troubled by a closeted addiction to alcohol, Elena quickly learns that she may be her own worst enemy.

After a shameful car crash on a back road at night, Elena drives her car home and hides it, not calling the authorities or the insurance company.

Trapped at the end of a long, country back road in a three story mansion with a torrid past, with no transportation, and a dwindling alcohol supply, Elena is forced to deal with her own dark design.

Things get very ugly soon after, the torment of a woman trapped in the depths of her own insanity.


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