The Pumpkin Man

THE PUMPKIN MAN was filmed in October 2001 in Porter, Maine. The film stars Bob Kane as a lonely pumpkin farmer who is the target of teenage pranksters every Halloween. Believing this year's crop to be "magical", the farmer tries for a little revenge of his own. 16 mins.

Cast and Crew
Bob Kane as the Pumpkin Farmer
Karen Seneca as mother
Tom Kane as boy#1
Chris Geradin as boy#2
Jeremy Seneca as young boy

Written and Directed by: Andy Davis and Scott Morabito
Costumes and special FX by: Jessica Davis
Music by: Strangewalls/Jon Vomit
Edited by: Andy Davis and Scott Morabito

THE PUMPKIN MAN premiered at the "New Year's Portland" Film Festival in early 2002. Bob Kane also stars in BENEATH THE FROST LINE.

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