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For immediate release Tuesday, February 25th.

Emptyhouse Films is excited to announce the first official trailers for their projects, “THE DARK” and “BENEATH THE FORST LINE”, both nearing completion. They can be found at

Emptyhouse co-founders Andy Davis and Scott Morabito have cited recent excitement from everyone who has seen the new trailers.

2002 was a good year for the duo, who accomplished the production of 2 short films, THE DARK (16 mins) and BENEATH THE FROST LINE (24mins). Both films are at the final stages of post-production, and will be released for festival entry very soon. “We’re at a stage where we look back on 2002 and cannot believe what we’ve accomplished. We’re very thankful to even have the opportunity to create, but to create with the help of the talented individuals we had on our sets last year- it’s just incredible”, said Davis.

The duo hopes that the new trailers will break their current download record set by the teaser trailer for THE DARK in October. “We’re hoping for 5,000 downloads. The first week THE DARK trailer was up they had over 1,000 views. “We really love getting feedback, and want to express that to the viewers, we love corresponding with other film fans.”

Emptyhouse is currently tying up loose ends on both films in post-production, and are looking towards their next project. “We’ve thrown a few ideas around, but it’s too early to tell…alienation from society is a possibility” Morabito said. Both THE DARK and BENEATH THE FROST LINE will be sent to festivals this year.

“We want to give a lot of credit to our webmaster, Shane Trusty for helping us create a site that really defines what we are setting out to accomplish. He’s a very gifted individual” said Emptyhouse co-founders Andy Davis and Scott Morabito.

Being at a crossroads of finishing projects and starting another, Emptyhouse is putting out a call for all creative types who want to take part in the next project. “We want to collaborate with anyone who connects with our work. If you have a script, short story, a paragraph, anything, let us know….but our call goes beyond storytelling, we want to work with creators and artists of all talents and backgrounds. For many, it’s a passion, and a passion needs a home.”

For more information, visit the official website

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The following is our press release from 09/20/2002. You may utilize the information as printed here or download it for convience. We also have a downloadable version of the original press release here.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 09/20/2002 “The Dark” sees the light   Empty House Film is currently in the post-production stages of a short horror film called “The Dark” that was shot in Southern Maine in August. Recent good news was the addition of Emmy Nominated Editor Peter Gvozdas, who will be editing the project. A “First Look at the Dark”, a video teaser, is now available on the films website: The film stars New England stage actress Molly W.B. Roberts as Sarah, a woman who is traveling with her friend David (Jake Beal) through the backwoods. The couple has fun until they discover the secrets of an abandoned, backwoods town, and the wrath of a deranged family. “I’m really blown away by the performances, as well as how wonderful some of the images are. This was a dream project for me.”-Davis said. Davis called the film his homage to the films of the 1970’s. Films such as “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” “Last House on the Left,” and “Straw Dogs” were among the director’s favorites from that era. Empty House Film is currently trying to raise funding to make “The Dark” into a full-length feature film. “The story would change a little, we don’t want to make the same film twice.” Davis said. “Every member of the cast and crew is behind us, which is really nice, there was a lot of sacrifice on “The Dark”, which was amazing to see.”-Davis said. For more information about “The Dark,” or to view the “first look at the Dark” video, visit

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 08/02/02 “The Dark” comes to Maine Empty House Film is currently in the last pre-production stages of a short horror film called “The Dark” being shot in Southern Maine from August 17th-22nd. The film was written by Empty House co-founder Andy Davis, who is also acting as Producer, and Director. “The film is basically going to be a wild ride. Sort of a level by level build up of suspense and paranoia, until the whole thing just explodes with excitement.” Davis said. The film is being shot in and around the backwoods of Porter, Maine. An abandoned house that was built in the late 1800’s being one such location. “This film is patterned after the great horror films of the 1970’s, films like Deliverance, and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre come to mind.” Davis said. Helming the cinematography unit will be Empty House co-founder Scott Morabito (The Pumpkin Man). The film stars Molly Roberts Bryant, a veteran local actress, as Sarah, a girl who finds out there is more in the woods than she EVER imagined. It also stars veterans Leah Tennis (Granite Voices), as an aging backwoods mother who is confined to a wheelchair, and John Sawyer as “Baby,” a tortured soul who will do anything to please his mother. The film introduces newcomer Jake Beal as David- Sarah’s Boyfriend. Music will be composed by Eric Guthrie (EL Mariachi), Local artist Jon Worthley, and New York’s “Split Me Wide Open.” “We’re just about set for the shoot, and everybody seems very excited about this project. The cast has been amazing during our rehearsals, and the house is really starting to look very creepy” Davis said. For more information about “The Dark,” visit

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