Mud originated as a story about a low class family living in the backwoods of a dead mill town. Much of my own childhood experiences meld with what I imagine a certain family lived like live in the heart of this story.

Mud went through 3 drafts and 10 years to get to the point that I considered it filmmable.

At the heart of MUD lives the LaPann family. A hardworking father, a stay at home mother, two young boys and a daughter. The family has a history of alcoholism, an affliction that just seems to keep passing itself down to the next generation. When he was 5, Kevin LaPann's father Carol discovered strange tracks in the woods. He poured plaster into one and brought it home.

Measuring in at just over 14 inches, he discovered what he would later call the "Zamphini Monster" and devoted his life as well as a small shed on his property to discovering more about this mysterious being.

Carol LaPann went into the woods one afternoon in search of more clues and was never seen again.

MUD tells the story of Kevin's family, a family trying hard to maintain their togetherness. Struggling through economic hardship, alcoholism, a tainted past and an unknown future, Kevin and his wife must find a way to get past it all. A summer in the lives of two young boys who are at a jumping off point to either follow the affliction, or move past it. A murder mystery of a man and a monster. A look into the lives of a lower class family that doesn't know they are at a crucial point in their lives. A family surrounded by beauty, yet trapped in an endless cycle of the emotional pain of life.


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