MUD - the crew

Producer: Motion Media film and Video/ Emptyhouse Film

Writer/Director: Andy Davis

Andy Davis has been writing MUD on/off for the past ten years. MUD is his directorial debut on a full length film. His other writing/directing credits include THE PUMPKIN MAN, THE DARK, TV NATION, MECHANAZOID and BENEATH THE FROST LINE. In his spare time, Andy enjoys exploring abandoned insane asylums.

Director of Photography: Olin Smith

Olin Smith has worked in the film/video business for over 25 years. His great camerawork has earned him many respectable jobs, including being a regular broadcast shooter for many television programs. Recently, he has been producing films as well as overseeing an online training company.

Editor: Jack Murphy

Assistant Director: Eric Sillanpaa

Production Pros: James Stiles, Lori Dee Whitman


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