Mud - the cast

Jimmy: Ryan Shoos

Ryan Shoos is a local Maine actor who has been pursuing his dream of becoming a Hollywood actor for the past year. He is 15 years old and will be a sophomore at Cheverus High School. When Ryan was offered the part of Jimmy he was thrilled and could not wait to start the process. In his free time Ryan likes to play soccer, basketball, golf, frisbee, lacrosse and enjoys snowboarding in the winter. When his schedule is not packed he likes to pack up and go on trips to see new places or stay home and chill with his friends and go longboarding around his hometown of South Portland. Ryan also really enjoys being outdoors in places that are remote and not traveled to by other people.

Robby: Stan Grunder

Stan Grunder lives in Camden, Maine where he attends Camden Rockport Middle School. He is 11 years old and plays saxophone in the fifth grade school band. When he isn't competing in swim meets at the local YMCA, skiing, practicing karate, or doing good deeds with the boy scouts, Stan loves to act in films.

Stan's first film role was as Percy Crenshaw in the comedy short Thunder Road. This film took best comedy short at the New Hampshire Film Expo in October 2004. The director of Thunder Road invited Stan to work on his project, Maestro. Seth Myers, of Saturday Night Live, played the lead role in this film and Stan played his character as a boy. This film has also been shown at various film festivals on both coasts.

Last summer, Stan worked on the film "Vacationland" with Lance Edmands. This film is also being shown at various festivals. For this film, Stan jumped off a high bridge into a river, rode a bike for miles, and made up his own song on the melodica, which he plays in the movie. When asked why he loves acting so much Stan replied, "When the director says action, I feel like I'm being taken over by my character."

Stan looks forward to working on "MUD", his first role in a feature length film!

Kevin: Kenn Woodard

Los Angeles based actor, Kenn Woodard, started acting at the age of fourteen in his home state of Louisiana. He began his professional career on the New York stage as Poe, in the Writer's Theater production of THE RAVEN, about the life of Edgar Allen Poe and has continued his professional work in both national and international media markets.

His theatrical credits include: Barnett in UNDER THE EAVES, at the State Theater at Lincoln Center, Ian in the world premiere of CONVICTIONS OF THE HEART at the Edinburgh Theater Festival in Scotland and Prague Center Festival, Masked Man in Michael Checkov Theater Company's NYC production of SPRING AWAKENING. Most recently he appeared in the world premiere of THE PLAYGROUND on LA's Hudson Mainstage where he portrayed eleven characters in this moving, dramatic piece which documents the lives of teenage runaways on the streets of LA. This series is in consideration by HBO for a 2006 television series debut.

His film credits include, Pat in Jaret Liotta's indie, LAUNDRY, Daddy in BREAKING IN UNLOCKED DOORS by Sundance director, Adam Wolfe, and as Thomas in International director, Rohit Jaggessar's, South American Epic, GUIANA 1838, which recently won the Belize International Film Festival. In August of this year he wrapped the psychological thriller, THE WILL TO POWER, by David Rountree in North Carolina and will film this November in Dean Lyon's KIWI SAMOSA on the north coast of New Zealand.

Kenn is a certified hynotherapist, writer, director, producer, and poet. His life is dedicated to using the arts as a collaborative tapestry of collective healing.

He is honored to work with Andy, his fellow actors and crew to breathe life, awareness and emotional texture into this poignant and inspiring work.

Lorette: Michelle Violette

Maine-based Character Actress/Comedian, Michelle Violette, is “checking her whoopee cushion at the door” to undertake her first dramatic role for a feature film - “Lorette LaPanne” in Empty House Film’s newest release “MUD”. Having performed her brand of “comic caricature” in local venues with such comedians as - Dave Russo, Bob Marley and George Hamm, she welcomes the opportunity to find her dramatic ‘chops’ in this role. “Yeah- I’m getting a little nervous about this. Not so much because the character of Lorette is so far away from me…but that in many ways she isn’t!” For more information about Michelle visit

David: James Stiles

James Stiles started acting in 2001 when hired from an open casting call to play the role of a "party goer" in a Sony Records music video. Continuing to land lead & supporting roles in Indie Films, James created in 2002 that has helped launch many careers in film/television. James works and lives in Maine. Actor, Writer, Producer.

Lori: Stacy Ann Strang

Stacy has been acting for 7 years, but only stumbled into film last summer doing extra work for "Straight out of Compton II" starring Blair Underwood. This will be Stacy's first feature film and she is looking forward to the process. Her training includes: The University of Southern Maine at which she will recieve a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, she has also been trained at the Michael Chekhov Institute under prominent instructors: Mala Powers, Lisa Dalton, and Wil Kilroy. Her performance background includes extensive traveling improvisational theatre shows and staged productions such as the Award-Winning performance of "The Laramie Project" and "November/December" for which Stacy recieved an Irene Ryan nomination. Other credits include: "You can't take it with you," Bury the Dead," And Shakuntala."

Becky: Madeline McNulty

Making her film debut in Mud is newcomer Madeline McNulty. Seven year old Madeline was thrilled when Andy Davis offered her the role of Becky in the film. Beginning her pursuit of acting at four and a half years old Madeline has appeared worldwide as part of Benetton's fall 2004 fashion campaign. She has done various print and commercial ads.

Madeline appeared on ABC's Good Morning America in 2003 donating the money she and her brother raised for the show's Toy Drive.

Causes which Madeline holds dear are raising funds to eliminate Childhood Cancers and prevention and cure of Childhood HIV/AIDS.

Maddie loves spending time with family and pets. She has four brothers and four dogs. Her favorite pet is her Chihuahua Mushu, although her three German Shepherds keep close watch on her.

In her spare time Madeline enjoys weekly swimming lessons and has taken ballet since age four. She began riding horses in 2005 and looks forward to the coming year when she will take begin to learn dressage. In her free time Madeline likes to play softball, soccer, ice skate and read.

Slim Richards: Terry A. Burgess

Terry has a long history of stage acting including such roles as Henry Plantagenet in "Lion in Winter", El Gallo in "The Fantastiks", and MacBeth in the Scottish play of the same name. He has appeared as an extra in a number of movies produced in Maine but got his big break when cast as William Davis, the prosecuting attorney, in the five time Academy Award nominated movie "In the Bedroom". Terry also does commercials, industrial training videos and voice overs.

Storekeeper: Dennis Doiron

Dennis Doiron is best known as the creator of and performer in the hit musical comedies OVER THERE 1953 and The ADVENTURES of SWOON HARDPEACE and the DAUGHTERS of the WEST. He has been touring in both of these shows for the past 3 years. He has only recently sought on-camera work and has quickly built an impressive resume of television, commercials, industrial videos and voice - over appearances. Dennis is also an award winning singer and songwriter. He has produced 2 CDs while happily hiding on the coast of Maine.

Frank the Bully: Carl Zurhorst

Carl G. Zurhorst is an experienced performer who has studied mime and dance with Karen Montanaro, acting and improvisation with Nancy O. DeMilner and Rory Kozoll, and dance with Miss Maine 1999, Stephany Jacques. Carl plays the part of “Bully Boy 1” in what is expected to be this year’s holiday DVD/TV smash hit, "The 12 Dogs of Christmas", a motion picture shot in Bethel, Maine last year. Carl, a high-honors student at Mexico’s Mountain Valley Middle School, also won the Maine State Science Fair Seventh Grade Invention category in the 2004/2005 competition. Carl acts, dances (jazz, tap, ballet and hip-hop), plays piano, Saxophone and violin. For sports, Carl competes in soccer, alpine and nordic skiing, track & field and enjoys tennis, biking, in-line skating, canoing and kayaking. Carl was a featured performer at the 2005 Miss Maine Scholarship Pageant. Carl’s web page is


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