Monster In The Woods is a feature length film that follows the adventures of a team of Cryptozoologists into the backwoods of Maine to investigate a series of Bigfoot sightings. MONSTER IN THE WOODS is a horror/comedy in the spirit of LAKE PLACID and EVOLUTION.

"2" "2" tells the story of two survivors of a biological attack that has turned the world upside down and how they deal with their situation.

I'm Sorry "Iím sorry" is a modern day "Victorian Style" hauntings film that asks the question "what is paranormal and what is just abnormal?"

mud Everyday beauty is all around us. Slices of heaven sometimes first appear as a living hell. MUD tells the story of a lower class family, living in a small town, trying to make ends meet. Trouble with work, bills, alcohol and life in general, the LaPannís donít realize that they are right in the middle ground, staring down an affliction that could either grow, or stop for generations to come. At the center of the story are two young brothers, trying desperately to hang on to the beauty they see around them, though dead ends abound.

What The Film presents: Bad GravityBad Gravity Activate your super-reality! BAD GRAVITY is a film of 4 daytrippers who question and probe their reality as they immerse themselves in a city with its own unavoidable agenda.

Beneath The Frostline Ask anybody that has lived in Porter, Maine about the ďbog manĒ, and youíre sure to get some colorful answers. Some will tell you itís nothing but legend, others will tell you that the legend is based on fact, either way, they are sure to know the basis for Emptyhouse Filmís latest venture, BENEATH THE FROST LINE.

The Dark A young couple find out the meaning of sheer terror as they experience the lonely backwoods of Maine. In a town forgotten live a 110 year old mother and her son "baby", as well as over 100 scarecrows. Sarah and David are a young couple just graduating from high school, and enjoying thier last Summer off. They decide to explore the state together, riding down roads they have never seen before. Eventually they have a break down, and end up having to push the car in the blazing sun, thinking they surely
will come across a house or gas station soon. What they come across is an empty town full of scarecrows, and soon realize that they are not alone.

The Pumpkin Man One of Empty House's early projects. Check out the short that started it all!! NEW!! Video clip available!!

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