11/4/2005 Mud Electronic Press Kit Released for Download

November 3, 2005 For Immediate Use
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An Electronic Press Kit containing stills and information about the film is available for download at emptyhouse.sabatos.net/mud-press.php.

Feature Film Shot in Maine Premieres in Portland

MUD, Maine’s first feature film produced entirely in high definition digital video, premieres in Portland on November 18 at an event hosted by Trinity Music Partners. MUD is an independent feature film written and directed by Andy Davis of Emptyhouse Film (Porter) and produced and shot by Olin Smith of Motion Media (Portland).

MUD features Maine locations, Maine actors, and Maine musicians. It stars local actors Michelle Violette, Ryan Shoos, Stan Grunder, Madeline McNulty, and Terry A Burgess (In the Bedroom). Local music by Sara Cox, Tree By Leaf, Phantom Buffalo, Joe Bryant and others fill the film's soundtrack.

MUD is a story about a poor family, struggling to make ends meet when a deadly secret unearths itself and threatens to tear the family apart. Davis describes the film as a "suspenseful drama that carries a message of hope." The film’s name, MUD, refers to "The middle ground between the place you came from and the place you want to go to," according to Davis. "We all get stuck in the mud," he says, "sometimes you have to keep trudging; other times the mud is too deep and you have to turn back."

The 70-minute film, the first feature film for both Smith and Davis, was shot primarily in the western Maine village of Porter in August. According to producer/cinematographer Olin Smith, MUD was recorded entirely on a high definition 24p video, with the quality of 16mm film but the convenience of digital video. "The crispness of this new high definition digital technology really captured the emotion of our actors," says Smith, "and I think we have something that really stands up on its own, something that touches people."

After its November 18 Portland premiere, MUD will begin a film festival run and will begin seeking distribution. "Our Portland premiere will provide us with some crucial audience reaction", says writer/director Davis, "The reaction of the viewers is something we’ll all be looking at very closely."

MUD will have its world premiere in Portland, Friday, November 18, at the Pavilion on Middle Street. A cocktail reception, with music by the Maine band Tree By Leaf (treebyleaf.org ) begins at 6:00 P.M. with the screening scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. Many of the Maine-based cast and crew members are expected to attend. Any member of the press may attend; otherwise the event is "invite only"

November 3, 2005
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Emptyhouse Film, a film production company based in Porter, Maine, and Boston, is owned by Andy Davis and Scott Morabito. Their credits include TV Nation (Best Music Video, Best of Show AIP Video Awards), Mechanazoid (*** -Film Threat Magazine, The Pumpkin Man, The Dark, Beneath the Frost Line (Commended – Festival of Fantastic Film, England). emptyhousefilm.com

Motion Media Film & Video is a full service video/web production company in Portland, Maine, owned by Olin Smith. Credits for Smith, a media producer for over 20 years, include Miramax Films, The Discovery Channel, MTV, VH1, The History Channel, and Extreme Makeover Home Edition. motionmediafilmandvideo.com

Trinity Music partners is a Maine based company founded by Joe McNulty. Toshiyuki Shimada, conductor of the Portland Symphony Orchestra serves as the company's Creative Director. Trinity will soon be producing music extracted from the Vatican Music Library's collection. Musical works that are centuries old will be dusted off and performed by modern day artists.

The Pavilion, (188 Middle Street), is a premier nightclub located in the "Old Port" section of Portland Maine. (thepavilion.com).


Maine filmmakers Emptyhouse Film and Motion Media Film and Video have set off on a joint partnership effort to create their first feature length film "mud". Production runs from August 19th- 29th and the film shoots on High Definition in Porter, Maine.

"mud" tells the story of a lower class family, living in a small town, trying to make ends meet. Trouble with work, bills, alcohol and life in general, the LaPann’s don’t realize that they are right in the middle ground, staring down an affliction that could either grow, or stop for generations to come. At the center of the story are two young brothers, trying desperately to hang on to the beauty they see around them, though dead ends abound.

Andy Davis of Emptyhouse Film (THE DARK, BENEATH THE FROSTLINE, MECHANAZOID) wrote the screenplay and will direct. Olin Smith, president of Motion Media Film and Video will produce as well as helm the cinematography. "HD is a great new tool that will allow us to really capture the beauty and inner workings of this family and the great town that they live in" says Smith of the HD technology.

"mud" is jam packed with great performers, Leading the cast is Kenn Woodard, a Los Angles based actor who starred in films like GUIANA 1838, THE WILL TO POWER, by David Rountree, and BREAKING IN UNLOCKED DOORS by Adam Wolfe. Joining Woodard are screen veterans like Terry A. Burgess (In the Bedroom) and comedian Michelle Violette.

"The one thing I knew when I started writing this film 10 years ago was that my two lead actors had to be just perfect." Writer/Director Davis speaks of his to young performers Ryan Shoos and Stan Grunder (MASTRO, THUNDER ROAD, VACATIONLAND), the stars of "mud". "I found them, and wouldn’t have even begun this journey had I not, these guys are really breathing life into these roles. They have a great future ahead of them "

"mud" is currently seeking distribution, and should be available by November. For further information, please visit www.emptyhousefilm.com.

Please contact representative Bruce Samuelson if you require additional information at (207) 837-8319, or email emptyhousefilm@gmail.com.

Emptyhouse News: 02/26/03
-New Trailers http://emptyhouse.sabatos.net/main-trailers.php
-Looking into the future

For immediate release Tuesday, February 25th.

Emptyhouse Films is excited to announce the first official trailers for their projects, “THE DARK” and “BENEATH THE FORST LINE”, both nearing completion. They can be found at http://emptyhouse.sabatos.net/main-trailers.php

Emptyhouse co-founders Andy Davis and Scott Morabito have cited recent excitement from everyone who has seen the new trailers.

2002 was a good year for the duo, who accomplished the production of 2 short films, THE DARK (16 mins) and BENEATH THE FROST LINE (24mins). Both films are at the final stages of post-production, and will be released for festival entry very soon. “We’re at a stage where we look back on 2002 and cannot believe what we’ve accomplished. We’re very thankful to even have the opportunity to create, but to create with the help of the talented individuals we had on our sets last year- it’s just incredible”, said Davis.

The duo hopes that the new trailers will break their current download record set by the teaser trailer for THE DARK in October. “We’re hoping for 5,000 downloads. The first week THE DARK trailer was up they had over 1,000 views. “We really love getting feedback, and want to express that to the viewers, we love corresponding with other film fans.”

Emptyhouse is currently tying up loose ends on both films in post-production, and are looking towards their next project. “We’ve thrown a few ideas around, but it’s too early to tell…alienation from society is a possibility” Morabito said. Both THE DARK and BENEATH THE FROST LINE will be sent to festivals this year.

“We want to give a lot of credit to our webmaster, Shane Trusty for helping us create a site that really defines what we are setting out to accomplish. He’s a very gifted individual” said Emptyhouse co-founders Andy Davis and Scott Morabito.

Being at a crossroads of finishing projects and starting another, Emptyhouse is putting out a call for all creative types who want to take part in the next project. “We want to collaborate with anyone who connects with our work. If you have a script, short story, a paragraph, anything, let us know….but our call goes beyond storytelling, we want to work with creators and artists of all talents and backgrounds. For many, it’s a passion, and a passion needs a home.”

For more information, visit the official website http://www.emptyhousefilm.com

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Ask Anyone...

Ask anybody that has lived in Porter, Maine about the “bog man”, and you’re sure to get some colorful answers. Some will tell you it’s nothing but legend, others will tell you that the legend is based on fact, either way, they are sure to know the basis for Emptyhouse Film’s latest venture, BENEATH THE FROST LINE. The film stars Leah Tennis as Laura Patten, a blind woman seeking information on her long lost brother, who is believed to have disappeared in the backwoods of Porter. Her research brings her to James Cobb, played by Robert Kane, a lonely native who may have been the last person to see the boy alive. Famed New England wrestler Sean O’Reilly also joins the cast. Scott Morabito and Andy Davis co- wrote the script around various local stories that they grew up with. “Sometimes the best horrors are Kindergarten stories, the monster in the closet, the fear of the unknown, the fear of what you can’t see,” said BENEATH THE FROST LINE co-writer Scott Morabito. The duo started Emptyhouse Film in 2000 and has produced two short horror films, THE PUMPKIN MAN, and THE DARK, a film currently in post production.

“The films we are making right now represent a primitive horror. We believe we are making something true, and we also believe that there is real horror in everyday situations, pure dread. We are always striving for the next step and experience.” Said co-writer Andy Davis. The Emptyhouse team seems to have a deliberate agenda; they are trying to take its audience to a level of fear that is rarely captured.

The film will be shot in the backwoods of Porter, Maine, the actual backdrop for the “bog man” legends. Morabito will handle photography, while Davis directs. The production will be employing the use of digital filmmaking, while incorporating PS Technic lens technology in the front end to capture the feel of film. “I think this film will make me a true believer of digital technology, it really gives me the feel of watching Super16, without all of the associated high costs of post production.” Morabito said.

Talking to Davis about the film, you get a real sense of the desperation the film will carry. “To me most horror films stopped being scary in the 1970’s, most of the genre films you see today are making fun of themselves. We want our films to give you an experience you’ve never felt…picking up where the great films of the 1970’s left off” Davis sites films like STRAW DOGS, LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, and THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE as a few of his favorites. “As a director I try to approach terror straight from the human psyche, the grass root fear that each of us is born with.” Emptyhouse has assembled quite a team of New England talent, drawing both cast and crew from previous ventures, and new sources. “We are thrilled to be working with such passionate team members. I’ve personally seen major sacrifices from each member to make this vision a reality.” In one particular scene an actress will be submerged into the cold depths of the bog, a feat strong enough to give shivers to even the fearless. “Safety always comes first, our people are there for us 150% and we’ve got to be there for them.” The film also features some amazing visual effects, masterfully created by Dick Smith FX course graduate Jeremy Onieal. “We instantly fell in love with Jeremy’s expertise and passion,” the duo said.

Emptyhouse plans to submit the film to numerous film festivals across the globe. “The combination of elements for the story have gotten us very excited to see the end product, a product we’re sure will frighten it’s audience.” To learn more about BENEATH THE FROST LINE and EMPTYHOUSE FILM, visit their website: www.emptyhousefilm.com.

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A new monster lurks at EmptyHouse Film

EmptyHouse Film is pleased to present the upcoming production of their short film, "Beneath the Frost Line." The film was written by EmptyHouse founders Andy Davis and Scott Morabito, with Davis taking the directing lead, and Morabito helming the photography. "This film continues the trend set by both 'The Pumpkin Man' and 'The Dark', exploring the darker, more primitive regions of life." Davis said.

The film stars Robert Kane as James Cobb, a backwoods old man who is asked by Laura Patten, a blind woman (played by Leah Tennis) to take her to the person or thing responsible for murdering her brother. They head out together for the thick wilderness to try and uncover the past, and stumble across more than they bargain for. Robert Kane starred as the pumpkin farmer in EmptyHouse Film's 2001 short film production "The Pumpkin Man." Leah Tennis recently came off of another EmptyHouse Film set in August, portraying "Mama" in "The Dark," a film currently being edited by Peter Gvozdas. The "effects heavy" role of Thomas will be played by William DeCoff, aka wrestling legend Sean O'Rielly

Special Effects are being created by Jeremy Oneail, whose work can be seen at http://www.oneailfx.com. "Jeremy really seems to have a great handle on things and brings a very creative, different approach to makeup effects. We're very impressed with his previous work." Davis said.

EmptyHouse Film plans to use some new creative visual tools on the project. Shooting on DV, they will incorporate PS Technic system and Steadicam for top-notch visual intrigue. "It's going to be difficult to balance beauty with suspense to get the accurate mood. We want to take viewers directly to the Maine woods on a cold December day." Morabito said.

Rockland Financial of Maine is proud to help sponsor the production of "Beneath the Frost Line." "Rockland Financial, we have your best interest in mind." 207-647-3299. Rockland Financial can be contacted via email at rockland8@adelphia.net.

Production begins November 30th in Porter, Maine.

This is EmptyHouse Film's second year, and this marks the second film of 2002. For more information on this and other EmptyHouse Films, visit their website at http://www.emptyhousefilm.com.

Please send all correspondence to hooligan@emptyhousefilm.com
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