Thank you all for coming out and reading for mud, it was a pleasure meeting you all, or seeing some of you again. The cast list is as follows:

Jimmy: Ryan Shoos
Robby: Stan Grunder
Kevin: Kenn Woodard
Lorette: Michelle Violette
David: James Stiles
Lori: Stacy Ann Strang
Becky: Madeline McNulty
Slim Richards: Terry A. Burgess
Storekeeper: Dennis Doiron
Frank the Bully: Carl Zurhorst

Production Crew is as follows:
Producer: Motion Media film and Video/ Emptyhouse Film
Writer/Director: Andy Davis
Director of Photography: Olin Smith
Editor: Jack Murphy
Assistant Director: Eric Sillanpaa
Production Pros: James Stiles, Lori Dee Whitman

Locations are locked, the guest lodging is locked...and rehersals are set up. Looks like it's really going to be happenning in 9 days...

I can't even begin to say how impressed with the cast I am. Thank you all for joining mud. :laughing: :laughing:



12:01 am...just finished the shooting script for the most part. AND have secured the locations. Still need a few actors, but should have a cast by Monday, and a rehersal by saturday...now all I gotta do is everything else...stay tuned. We'll have cast and crew as well as location pics and bios up shortly. Special thanks to everyone who came in to read this week...and to those who have been reading the script as I rewrote and rewrote...


07 Aug 2005: Ahhhhhhhhh, Here we go!

Last night I finished the third draft of mud. I feel that it is in a good place, I can't wait to see the story come alive in production and post. We're in need of 147 dead mosquitoes if anyone out there has any they are looking to get rid of. I'm hoping you'll all keep coming back to see updates on our film. We are shooting and editing in HD (high definition), and as of right now are location scouting and auditioning talent. Shoot dates as of today are still set in stone. Shooting will start on August 15th in Maine and go until the 27th. I'll be happy once the cast and locations are locked down at this point and that is our next step for everybody who sent a headshot. If you live in Maine and haven't sent one, please do at emptyhousefilm@gmail.com. For those of you who have, we'll be contacting you shortly for an audition. Well, I have to get up early for a shoot, so I'll end this. more soon.


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