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02 Sep 2005: 09-02-05

ahhhh, friday is here, the first weekend in two months that I wont be working on the film. Last night we shot the school scene for mud, I edited it this morning, it's one of the best scenes of the film I think. you all did a great job there in that hot little old schoolroom. the scene is really everything I hoped was also the very last thing to be shot for mud. Very fitting. As of this afternoon our editor Jack and I have cut almost 3/4 of the film. When we get a full rough cut, we'll go through and sweep and clean, hoping for a picture lock in two weeks. Also coming up soon is the mud campaign stuff...posters box art, etc, an online behind the scenes piece, and the trailer for the film. all of this stuff should be online in two weeks. so far most every scene lives up to capacity in my mind as to what I imagined when I wrote, and thanks to Olin, sometimes goes even further beyond anything I imagined. There is some fun stuff to watch, good peaks and valleys and very interesting things to see. I'm very excited it's the first weekend I can rest without thinking about planning something for mud...who knows, maybe i'll work some more on that behind the scenes thing though...


28 Aug 2005: production wrapped

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh...trailer living is over and done with. some of us left mud with a rash of itchiness on friday night. What was a 9 day schedule got wrapped in six days. We already have 7 rough cut scenes done, and are hoping for a picture lock sometime in September. What a success for all of you that worked on this...I can't begin to even count the great things that you all pulled off during this shoot. Maybe for fun we'll put a rough cut of a scene on for you all to see this week. Next week we'll have a trailer up. I want to say thank you to everybody that helped make this film happen. You all know who you are, because you either spent maddenning planning time with me or went to war in the trailer with us. So many people to more scene to shoot, and most of us will have our first feature under our belts. click here or copy/paste this address into your browser to see some new images from shooting...


26 Aug 2005: New Production Images Added

Lori Dee Whitman was kind enough to send out some production images from the set of "mud" for us. You can find them right here. Production will continue through Saturday.




Maine filmmakers Emptyhouse Film and Motion Media Film and Video have set off on a joint partnership effort to create their first feature length film "mud". Production runs from August 19th- 29th and the film shoots on High Definition in Porter, Maine.

"mud" tells the story of a lower class family, living in a small town, trying to make ends meet. Trouble with work, bills, alcohol and life in general, the LaPannís donít realize that they are right in the middle ground, staring down an affliction that could either grow, or stop for generations to come. At the center of the story are two young brothers, trying desperately to hang on to the beauty they see around them, though dead ends abound.

Andy Davis of Emptyhouse Film (THE DARK, BENEATH THE FROSTLINE, MECHANAZOID) wrote the screenplay and will direct. Olin Smith, president of Motion Media Film and Video will produce as well as helm the cinematography. "HD is a great new tool that will allow us to really capture the beauty and inner workings of this family and the great town that they live in" says Smith of the HD technology.

"mud" is jam packed with great performers, Leading the cast is Kenn Woodard, a Los Angles based actor who starred in films like GUIANA 1838, THE WILL TO POWER, by David Rountree, and BREAKING IN UNLOCKED DOORS by Adam Wolfe. Joining Woodard are screen veterans like Terry A. Burgess (In the Bedroom) and comedian Michelle Violette.

"The one thing I knew when I started writing this film 10 years ago was that my two lead actors had to be just perfect." Writer/Director Davis speaks of his to young performers Ryan Shoos and Stan Grunder (MASTRO, THUNDER ROAD, VACATIONLAND), the stars of "mud". "I found them, and wouldnít have even begun this journey had I not, these guys are really breathing life into these roles. They have a great future ahead of them "

"mud" is currently seeking distribution, and should be available by November. For further information, please visit

Please contact representative Bruce Samuelson if you require additional information at
(207) 837-8319, or email



15 Aug 2005: on the road to mud

you know who you are...i know who you are. I cant believe it...thats all. you are feral.

in other news, things are so on track it is scary. I'm really excited to be starting this journey.Just got back from wal mart where I successfully pushed two overflowing carts to safety for food for all the hungry hard working cast and crew. Yesterday i finsihed a bunch of special effects props...and made a surprise cereal box, maybe I'm not the right one for props and set decoration, but hey, it'll be fun to look at for'll be a world within a world, and now I'm this news? is this what it's come to? I only wrote this so you could see the ferility anyway.

who knows if you'll even see it.

but to the cast and crew, thank you so much for putting in the extra hours for rehersal via phone or in person. I appreciate it more than you know. I'm sure it will show on the screen. I'm listening to the white stripes right now, get behind me satan...I've been thinking bout my doorbell, when you gonna ring it?

I guess this is just my mind running now, I should stop to spare you the booring details.

shooting starts on friday...yeah, this friday. see you all there! Travel safely and prepare yourselves for a really nice and intense collaboration.


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