21 Sep 2005: mud trailer to show

The "MUD" trailer will be showing at the Northast Historical Film (http://www.oldfilm.org/) booth at the Fryeberg Fair. (http://www.fryeburgfair.com/) October 2-9. A poster and flyers will be on hand as well, so if you're there check it out!

Also, Pete Gvozdas, editor of "The Dark" has a show on every wednesday night at 10, "Over There" on the FX channel, check that out too! I'm watching it now, congrats Pete!


20 Sep 2005: trailer

please look and give feedback in the forum...also if you havent seen, the poster is in the movie stills gallery. post feedback on that too...


19 Sep 2005: music supervisor is....

Sam Pfeifle. Welcome aboard Sam. We're very excited to announce Sam's involvement with mud. Sam comes from a background of being VERY heavily rooted in the New England music scene and can be reached at sam@phx.com if you are a band looking to submit music for mud.
in other news...the poster art and trailer will be attacking soon. By this time next week, this whole page will not be looking like this anymore...goodbye old mud page. Our Web Designer Shane will be once again volunteering to give us a nice overhaul, everybody all at once "THANKS SHANE!" um that wasnt loud enough...I know we can all do better than that.
in other other news our editor Jack Murphy had a baby boy last week, congrats Jack and family!


15 Sep 2005: forum open

Mud now has a forum space...you can click on "afterthoughts" to your left or copy and paste the following url: http://emptyhouse.sabatos.net/forums/index.php
please sign up and start using it to share your news...also added a bunch more photos to the production images page thanks to laurie dee. Be here next week for a mud poster art and trailer release...
picture lock. very very close.


07 Sep 2005: "making of mud part one" online now

for those who haven't seen, you can click on a few more options in the menu selection to your left. One of these is "trailers" if you click it, it will bring you to part one of the making of mud. A trailer will be up very shortly, we're waiting on some music, but otherwise are ready to go with that.

http://emptyhouse.sabatos.net/mud-trailers.php is the address to the making of video.

The film is currently at around 85% completion for a rough cut of the film as a whole. We hope to have the roughcut done by tommorrow evening, and spend the weekend with it, making a final list of changes. The cast really made it easy for us to edit, giving us a steady stream of great choices to choose from.

I wish I could show you all the trailer right now...but soon.


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