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28 Oct 2005: making of part 2

just finished a five minute cut for the making of part two that kind of acts as a middle ground between a trailer and a making of video. Should have it up on monday along with a 30 page electronic press kit...
Mud is pretty much done in terms of a final edit, with the exception of a few sound tweaks here and there...We're very excited to begin showing it around.


24 Oct 2005: goings on

A few new goings on this week...
1. last weekend we went out and filmed some flashback scenes with Dan Dow acting as Carol LaPann, the "zamphini hunter". REALLY good looking stuff that adds some surprises to mud for everybody to see...even cast and crew.
2. The Biddeford Milldance showings went well. Thanks to Cool Coffee for hosting. Response for the clips shown was really nice to hear.
3. Over at we are the featured trailer of the week, so go over and say hello to them.
4. Looks like the mud premiere will be on november 18th at the Pavillion in Portland. More infor on this as it comes in...
5. Perhaps this week, an interview with Michelle Viollette, Stacy Ann Strang, Kelly Easterling and myself will be available at We had a blast making it, so should be fun to hear.


20 Oct 2005: mud scenes showing in maine

we'll be out friday and saturday night at cool cofee on main st in Biddeford as well as 10 or so other filmmakers showing the trailer and 4 or 5 scenes from mud. The event starts at 6:30 and we go on around 8:30. Cool coffee is on main st right up from where the Renys used to be.


13 Oct 2005: some happenings...

A nice article was written by the maine current newspaper about can be found here:
thanks to David for taking the time to really look into the world of mud.

In other news, I'm fastly writing a horror film that will be filming next week. Yup.
The story is coming along nicely. We'll see what happens.
Tentativly titled "the acid eaters". for those who can't open the news link, i'll paste it here.

MUD season in Fryeburg
By David Harry

PORTER (Oct 13, 2005): Kleig lights and red carpets would seem out of place at the Fryeburg Fair, but the fairgrounds were the sight for the premiere of the trailer for the movie “MUD”, made by Porter native Andy Davis.

The LaPann family faces crises that could destroy them in 'MUD'. (Image courtesy of Andy Davis)

“MUD”, the first feature-length made by Davis, continues his use of hometown settings as he had done for his short films “The Dark,” “Pumpkin Man” and “Beneath the Frostline”.

A 1994 graduate of Sacopee Valley High School, Davis studied special effects and film production at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

“I've always loved watching films, I'd say my film watching really exploded when I was in third grade and was able to rent movies, it was the dawn of home rentals and suddenly all of these incredible choices were at my disposal,” said Davis of how his love for film developed.

The special effects were the main source of intrigue for Davis. “As I grew up watching mostly horror films, my interests were just about immediate on wondering how these incredible things were made behind the scenes. It's like trying to figure out a magic trick sometimes, there are so many ingredients.”

After graduation, Davis quickly found work. The resume he compiled before his independent work includes “Imus in the Morning”, “A & E Biography”, “Strange Universe” and “Hard Copy”. Davis also worked on the movie “The Ciderhouse Rules.”

Davis started Emptyhouse Films, his independent company in 2001. He has made short horror films like “The Dark” and dabbled in local legends like “The Bog Man” in Porter, who is a focal point of the plot in “Beneath the Frostline.”

At first blush, “MUD” appears to be about grinding rural poverty and how it destroys a family, but Davis has created a far more redemptive story despite the settings of despair and alcoholism.

“Everyday beauty is all around us. Slices of heaven sometimes first appear as a living hell,” is how Davis introduces viewers to the LaPann family of Porter.

Scenes filmed at the Porter Country Store, Porter Cemetary and covered bridge on Route 160 will be instantly familiar to local viewers.

At the center of the story are two boys struggling to find beauty in the world around them.

Michelle Violette, who plays Lorette LaPann, described the movie as "'Stand by Me' meets 'What's Eating Gilbert Grape' meets 'Sixth Sense'."

Davis departed from a cliched message by reinforcing the idea that choices made by the family would ultimately determine the courses of their lives. The LaPann family teeters on the edge of doom or deliverance, but Davis downplays the ideas that forces pushing at them are unsurmountable.

The film was shot over ten days in late August at a budget that would barely pay for the catering on a Hollywood production, but “MUD” also allowed Davis to go beyond local casting as established actor Kenn Woodard came east to play the role of the father, Kevin LaPann.

Woodard was joined by Terry Burgess, who appeared in the acclaimed film "In the Bedroom." Ryan Shoos and Stan Grunder play Jimmy and Robby LaPann.

“Think of making a film in three steps...pre-production, production and post-production,” said Davis. “Each step has many many sublevels. The shooting schedule alone took me 20 hours to make.”

That was the first of the new challenges brought out by making his first feature-length film. “From feeling comfortable that I had written a script that would make a good movie, to finding the people to work on the film, to nailing down the locations, to feeding the cast and crew,” Davis found that the ten days of shooting his story almost seemed as long as the decade it took him to write the story, although he “had a good handle on the look, feel and tone of the film and who the people were in it.”

Davis used a compressed schedule for shooting, editing and preparing “MUD”, yet felt acute reactions to viewing the finished product and trailers for the movie. “You can’t look and see what anyone else sees, you have a very biased eye.”

“A film I've made (in order for me to enjoy it) has to take on a life of it's own. Things have to crawl in from the netherworld, things that weren’t a part of the script, or planned in any way. As I look at it growing, some days I love the film, other days, it's no good.”

Davis’ reactions are far more mixed than those who have seen the trailer and are left wanting to see more. The crisp visuality of the scenery mixes with edginess in seeing characters who make viewers uncomfortable with their familiarity.

“I think, over all, it is a successful venture,” concluded Davis. “The people in the film really became to me the characters I had written on the page, the locations were the actual locations I had written about, so in that sense, personally it is a success to me. We'll have to see when I set it free though, how it stands up.”

Based in Cornish, Editor David Harry can be reached at 207-625- 8806 or by e- mail at citizeneditor@a


26 Sep 2005: greetings and goings away

just wanted to let everyone know that I'll be gone for 8 days on a shoot. If you need to contact me, please email, I hope to be able to check it every few days. Thank you shane for the great makeover!
In music news, some good stuff when I get back, granted i ever do....


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