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20 Dec 2005: happy holidays!

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday season from emptyhouse.
We also wanted to say thank you for 2005, it has been a great year for us.
2006 will see our second feature length film "HOUSE OF MAGGOT" (more info and a new web page for the film coming soon) and around 40 film fest entries for MUD. Right now we have submitted to Tribeca, sxsw, nashville, and first glance philly as well as to a few places to get reviews. Auditions for HOUSE OF MAGGOT will happen soon after the new year begins, all of you who have sent your info will be contacted soon to arrange an audition. The script is going well, I'm just starting act three right now, and should have a 1st draft completed before dec to me, maybe you call it something else...
We have a great location ready to be filmed in, cant wait to upload location pics for you all to see.


09 Dec 2005: mud and beyond

What a snowy day here in me time to add a quick little update. Mud will be playing at the ellsworth grand theatre on Jan 14th at 7:30 here in Maine, and is being sound mastered and dvd authored at Gateway studios, for those who do not know gateway, they mastered one of my favorite cd' utero by nirvana...just that thought alone excites me...
Mud has been sent to fests like tribecca, south by southwest and others as well as out to magazines for review, we'll just have to wait and see.

and in other news, we'll be starting production on our next feature "house of maggot" in late january, I'm also very pumped and ready for that challenge. Expect the most twisted victorian style haunted house story that andy davis could conjure up...thats what "house of maggot" is.



Wow. Thank you to everyone who came and watched the first showing of MUD.
What a great night. Too many people to thank, but thank you to PAULA MCNULTY for organizing the night, and the great food, the pavilion for hosting us so graciously, Brooks Parsons for the nights gifts, shane and Lisa at the pavilion for just doing such an awesome job, and to Trinity Music Partners for sponsoring the whole premiere. Also, Tree By guys are amazing, thank you for playing the show, hope to see you at the next few stops.
The film seems to be very well recieved. I saw many people crying at the end wich was an amazing response. We will have many many premiere party pictures up soon in the images area, thanks to Chris Trafford of Spark Creative.
Again, we cannot thank you all enough for helping us through this.


17 Nov 2005: press stuff

So it's been a busy week for us on mud...the whole crew has been eating only mud this week trying to get everything ready for the premiere tommorrow night.
Thursday the local abc affiliate ran a 5 minute piece on mud, showing some behind the scenes footage, some clips from the film and more. It was pretty cool to see mud on tv like that. We also had some great articles in the journal tribune and portland press herald this week.
Hope to see many of you at the show tommorrow night!


04 Nov 2005: all kinds of news

I guess the biggest is the story of the world premiere of mud...
November 18th at the pavilion in Portland...6-9:30 pm. 3 screens, cocktails, live music...should be fun.
We also just added an electronic press kit and the making of part two to the site.
Last week we were the featured trailer of the week on And this week supposedly there will be a mud interview up at (does that still exist?) hahaha...

Anyhow, here is the latest press release describing the premiere...

November 3, 2005
For Immediate Use
For more information:
Contact Andy Davis

An Electronic Press Kit containing stills and information about the film is available for download at

Feature Film Shot in Maine Premieres in Portland

MUD, Maine’s first feature film produced entirely in high definition digital video, premieres in Portland on November 18 at an event hosted by Trinity Music Partners. MUD is an independent feature film written and directed by Andy Davis of Emptyhouse Film (Porter) and produced and shot by Olin Smith of Motion Media (Portland).

MUD features Maine locations, Maine actors, and Maine musicians. It stars local actors Michelle Violette, Ryan Shoos, Stan Grunder, Madeline McNulty, and Terry A Burgess (In the Bedroom). Local music by Sara Cox, Tree By Leaf, Phantom Buffalo, Joe Bryant and others fill the film's soundtrack.

MUD is a story about a poor family, struggling to make ends meet when a deadly secret unearths itself and threatens to tear the family apart. Davis describes the film as a "suspenseful drama that carries a message of hope." The film’s name, MUD, refers to "The middle ground between the place you came from and the place you want to go to," according to Davis. "We all get stuck in the mud," he says, "sometimes you have to keep trudging; other times the mud is too deep and you have to turn back."

The 70-minute film, the first feature film for both Smith and Davis, was shot primarily in the western Maine village of Porter in August. According to producer/cinematographer Olin Smith, MUD was recorded entirely on a high definition 24p video, with the quality of 16mm film but the convenience of digital video. "The crispness of this new high definition digital technology really captured the emotion of our actors," says Smith, "and I think we have something that really stands up on its own, something that touches people."

After its November 18 Portland premiere, MUD will begin a film festival run and will begin seeking distribution. "Our Portland premiere will provide us with some crucial audience reaction", says writer/director Davis, "The reaction of the viewers is something we’ll all be looking at very closely."

MUD will have its world premiere in Portland, Friday, November 18, at the Pavilion on Middle Street. A cocktail reception, with music by the Maine band Tree By Leaf ( ) begins at 6:00 P.M. with the screening scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. Many of the Maine-based cast and crew members are expected to attend. Any member of the press may attend; otherwise the event is "invite only"

November 3, 2005
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Emptyhouse Film, a film production company based in Porter, Maine, and Boston, is owned by Andy Davis and Scott Morabito. Their credits include TV Nation (Best Music Video, Best of Show AIP Video Awards), Mechanazoid (*** -Film Threat Magazine, The Pumpkin Man, The Dark, Beneath the Frost Line (Commended – Festival of Fantastic Film, England).

Motion Media Film & Video is a full service video/web production company in Portland, Maine, owned by Olin Smith. Credits for Smith, a media producer for over 20 years, include Miramax Films, The Discovery Channel, MTV, VH1, The History Channel, and Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

Trinity Music partners is a Maine based company founded by Joe McNulty. Toshiyuki Shimada, conductor of the Portland Symphony Orchestra serves as the
company's Creative Director. Trinity will soon be producing music extracted from the Vatican Music Library's collection. Musical works that are centuries
old will be dusted off and performed by modern day artists.

The Pavilion, (188 Middle Street), is a premier nightclub located in the "Old Port" section of Portland Maine. (


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