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27 May 2006: MUD film threat review hot off the presses

clicking above you'll see a great review by film threat magazine for mud.
anyhow things are going well for I'm sorry and we should have premiere news soon...we are also working on our next feature which will be filming in 2 months...stay on the lookout!


07 Apr 2006: hard days night

wow, just spent the last 24 hours working furiously on the im sorry cut.
Thnaks so much for the response to the games and trailer! We've gotten alot of great feedback, it's always appreciated. The cut is looking really good and is a 90 minute movie, the 3rd act is longer than the other acts, which is awesome to me...I always hate the "tied up quick" 3rd acts...Lots of elena going crazy there...we changed the ending, so anyone who has read the script or seen the first'll just have to wait. Quite a few exciting things coming up I cant really talk about here, but thanks to for the props! In the next week we'll be on a pretty big website with fangs I think...
Premiere should be happening within a month or two. If you have a minute, check out my friend scott's trailer for his film BAD GRAVITY at


02 Mar 2006: updates aplenty

Well we are halfway through the cut of I'm sorry...
and next week, you'll be able to play I'm sorry based games, vote on poster designs and see the teaser trailer! Come on, you're gonna love it! You know you will...
I am just coming out of a battle to the almost death with pneumonia or however you spell it, and am coming out with a surge of energy...we're all having fun with I'm sorry...Tommorrow we will be interviewing world famous cryptozoologist Loren Coleman for the extra features for the dvd of mud and I'm sorry.
Come on back next week!


03 Feb 2006: I'm Sorry production wrapped

wow, what a least it seemed like it all happened in one day...
production wrapped for I'm sorry last night at 2:30 am...3 days early once again.
I really cant believe how much we got done in such a short period of time. The scenes are all very cool, when we said a woman will lose her mind we didnt fail to deliver on that one. Thank you so much eric, lori, nanette, stacy, dot, jim, adam, clara, becky, phil, groff, kenn, it was a real pleasure for olin and I to work with all of you. Sillanpaa and I got gas after the shoot this morning and we were both so tired we couldnt yawn. Instead of bringing a dead animal to the shoot he left with two! hahahaha. Pictures, trailers, posters, movie stills and much more coming this month. Stay tuned. And Trafford, the "paper shower" scene rocked thanks to you. The only prop I kept was elenas prescription bottle.



For Immediate Use

Motion Media/Emptyhouse Film announce second feature film.

I’M SORRY, a modern day Victorian style ghost story will be shooting in Freeport Maine in early February. Following the success of their last feature film MUD, Motion Media and Emptyhouse Film are looking forward to working in a new genre.

I’M SORRY stars Nanette Hennig as Elena, Kenn Woodard (WILL TO POWER, MUD) as her husband Robert and Stacy Ann Strang as her friend Rachel. With appearances by Dorothy James, Stan Grunder, Jim James, Adam LaFramboise and Phillip Price, the cast is full of seasoned talent. "We did extensive casting to find the right actors for this film, we’re very very excited to put these people in our film," said writer/director Andy Davis (MUD.)

I’M SORRY asks the questions "What is paranormal and what is just abnormal?" Both Davis and Olin Smith (MUD), the film’s producer/cinematographer had previously worked on several paranormal "ghost hunting" shows and knew they wanted to incorporate one of the most important factors in any case they studied…the capabilities of the human mind.

In addition to breaking new ground last August by shooting Maine’s first High Definition feature length film, I’M SORRY has what Davis and Smith are calling a "Pre-Production Trailer" for the film that can be viewed at "We really wanted to set the tone for the actors in terms of the textures of the movie, and it came out so well that we decided to post it as a little treat for our viewers…it’s a way for them to kind of be there with us while we are making the film," said producer/cinematographer Smith.

"This is the horror film I have always wanted to make, being a big fan of such films as REPULSION, THE SHINING, THE CHANGELING…these were the films that scared me growing up, I really think that we have something that will accomplish the same thing with I’M SORRY," said Davis.

As well as being busy with I’M SORRY, Motion Media and Emptyhouse film are getting positive feedback from their first feature MUD. "It’s really been a wild ride, we’ve gotten such great feedback from most everyone who watches it…they just relate to it in so many ways." Said producer/cinematographer Smith. MUD is currently up for competition in twenty major film festivals.

A "Press Day" is being set up for press to spend the day on the I’M SORRY set, interested parties should email for more information.

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Emptyhouse Film, a film production company based in Porter, Maine, and Boston, is owned by Andy Davis and Scott Morabito. Their credits include MUD, TV Nation (Best Music Video, Best of Show AIP Video Awards), Mechanazoid (*** -Film Threat Magazine, The Pumpkin Man, The Dark, Beneath the Frost Line (Commended – Festival of Fantastic Film, England).

Motion Media Film & Video is a full service video/web production company in Portland, Maine, owned by Olin Smith. Credits for Smith, a media producer for over 20 years, include Miramax Films, The Discovery Channel, MTV, VH1, The History Channel, and Extreme Makeover Home Edition.


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