29 Jul 2006: I'm Sorry premiere

I'm Sorry premiered last night to a crowd of 200 people at the hannaford hall theatre in portland. Overall, it was great to watch the crowd react to something that we have seen thousands of times and are totally unaffected by at this point. They jumped in the right places, laughed in the right places, got creeped out in the right places. Just a great night. Thanks to everyone who attended, and sponsored a really special night for us.
Focused Event planning, Lobstergram, John Lane Films, Spark Creative, Nomad Pictures, the University and Maine Today.com
We'll post some pics of the event when I get back next week.


20 Jul 2006: New corporate sponsor

We are pleased to announce that John Lane Films has signed on as our latest sponsor. John Lane Films made the cult classic LOBSTEROIDS and is currently in development with a very famous karate/acting star (can't say yet) as well as motion media/emptyhouse on our next film! Check out www.lobsteroids.com for more info on John Lane Films.


13 Jul 2006: We have corporate sponsorship!

Just wanted to say thanks to Dan the Lobster Man for sponsoring the I'm Sorry premiere. His company LOBSTERGRAM is located in Biddeford Maine now and they are the number one shippers of lobsters in the USA. Please help us thank him and LOBSTERGRAM by visiting www.livelob.com today. One or two lucky participants will recieve a great Lobstergram gift pack at the premiere.


12 Jul 2006: I'm Sorry Premiere

The I'm Sorry Premiere will be held at 6:00 pm on Friday, July 28th at the Luther Bonney Hall on the USM campus in Portland. We have partnered with Maine Today and the Portland Press Herald and have a contest over on thier website. You can find it at: http://entertainment.mainetoday.com/movies/movieads.shtml

In other news, myspace pages are being set up for each of the films and we will soon be broadcasting on youtube.com. We are in the very end stages of completing I'm Sorry, and have added quite a bit to the film.

The Bigfoot film is coming along, we have about 1/3 of the script done and the costume completed. Violet did a great job on the suit. Much more news soon!


05 Jun 2006: another cool little article

can be found at www.aroundmaine.com about our latest film I'M SORRY, which should be having it's premiere very soon. We'll keep you posted with the details as they come up.
We'll be out shooting for the next few days and will be back mid week next week with more news on the BIG movie we have coming up as well as current I'M SORRY and MUD news.


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