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03 Jan 2007: PRESS RELEASE

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Zombies to roam the Maine Countryside. A new film from Motion Media/Emptyhousefilm.

A new feature length film is in the works from the creators of "Mud" and "I'm Sorry". Motion Media and Emptyhouse Film announced that their latest project titled "2" will be shooting in and around southern Maine, starting this month.

The film will be co-produced by Olin Smith (Mud, I'm Sorry) and John Lane who is currently in the pre-production on "The Novice" starring Chuck Norris. "It's very exciting, last year we completed two feature films right here in Maine and we just keep building, adding new creative forces each time." Said Producer Olin Smith.

"2" is a zombie survivalist film co written by published author Al Lamanda (Dunstan Falls) and Andy Davis (Mud). "This is a film I have always wanted to make. I grew up on zombie films and think that our story will make a nice addition to zombie film lore. We came up with some very interesting ideas and I can't wait to see the final outcome." Said writer/director Andy Davis.

"2" tells the story of two survivors of a biological attack that has turned the world upside down and how they deal with their situation. "2" stars C. James Roberts (Mr.Barrington) and Molly Roberts (The Dark). "I am very impressed with the talents of both James and Molly. We're all looking forward to seeing them carry out the story" said Co-Producer John Lane.

Soundtrack music is being created by the Portland based band "Covered in Bees." The band has been featured on the "Poulrygeist" soundtrack by Troma Films last year. A music video will be shot for the release of "2". The band can be found on the web at

Shooting is scheduled to begin in January. A website for "2" has been set up at and will feature interactive flash based games as well as interactive media in the coming months. "2" will utilize many Southern Maine locations, shooting in Freeport, Biddeford, and Porter. In addition to using Maine locations, "2" will require many Maine residents to portray the living dead.

More information on "2" can be found at


22 Nov 2006: our next film

Will be a zombie survivalist film called "2". Today, righteous producer Olin Smith made a deal with our new executive producer John Lane to secure the budget!!! Look for more news coming soon with exciting details about who will be joining us on this venture.


10 Oct 2006: new mud review

A review by Al Lamanda, author of Dunston Falls.†

††††††From the opening scene, MUD is instantly familiar to anyone who has ever visited rural America and realized that often timeís poverty and beauty coexist unnoticed.

††††††Beautifully constructed by filmmaker/writer Andy Davis, MUD tells the story of the LaPann family, a family living in poverty in a dead town in Maine. The father, Kevin LaPann, played by Kenn Woodard is a hard working, alcoholic who never seems to get anywhere in life because heís obsessed with a childhood secret that stems back to his own fatherís discovery of giant footprints found in the woods. His wife Lorette, played by Michelle Violette is a stay at home mom who struggles to keep her family together by often times rising above her lot in life through sheer determination.

††††††At the heart of the story are Jimmy and Robby LaPann, two boys caught in the middle as they watch their parents battle it out for survival. Seen mostly through the eyes of the eldest son Jimmy, played by Ryan Shoos, his character is a roller coaster ride of emotion. Shame at being impoverished, afraid of his alcoholic father but willing to protect his mother from him and teetering on the brink of following in his fatherís footsteps, Jimmy is still naive enough to be able to see the beauty that surrounds him. No easy task, but Shoos pulls off a delicate balancing act and his sense of frustration at an uncertain future is really the heart of the story. He is this close to being todayís next news headline.

††††††At the risk of giving away too much of the plot, I have to confess that I needed to watch MUD twice to appreciate the slight nuances and twists Davis concealed into the story because I was so caught up in Jimmyís character. But, hey, isnít that the fun of watching a movie. If there is one negative I came away with after viewing MUD, itís that I wish the film had been about twenty minutes longer. Having experienced many of the same feelings, frustrations and experiences of Jimmy, I wanted to see a bit more development of his character. Overall, MUD will keep you on the edge of your seat and guessing as you try to figure out the ending and that is exactly what a film should do.


06 Sep 2006: What is a Maine Mutant Safari???


"Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman leads the 2006 Maine Mutant Safari, broadcast worldwide"

By this time, we all know about the bizarre creature found in Maine. But what really happened? What kinds of unknown creatures still roam in our Maine wilderness? On Tuesday, September 19th, Motion Media and Emptyhouse Film will be taking Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman to Turner, Maine. The film companies will be documenting Coleman as he shares his side of the story, as well as looks for clues to other potential unknown animals and gives his thoughts on the creature found in the rural town.

The story will be told in four parts in a documentary style and broadcast for the world to see on "We're very excited about having the opportunity to share Mr. Coleman's expertise with the rest of the world, excited to see what else might be out there" said Motion Media President Olin Smith.

When thinking about what other animals exist in the Maine woods, the filmmakers also wondered what the public believed. "Another part of this documentary is to really find out what the public believes, we'll be surveying as many people as possible and including their responses in the film." Said filmmaker Andy Davis.

The idea for the safari stemmed from both Smith and Davis' passions for all things paranormal. The duo have been in Pre-Production on a full length feature film titled CRYPTID: The hunt for Bigfoot for five months. When news broke of the "Turner beast" they knew they had to put something together. They also knew that it couldn't be a "mutant safari" without a group of people so they invited a few friends along. News outlets like will be along for the adventure, ensuring that this documentary leaves no stone unturned.

CRYPTID's Executive Producer John Lane had this to say "The story of the Turner beast hit close to home on the film we are making. When I heard about it, I knew that this had to be part of our journey. I love that we can share the documentary immediately with people from around the world via the internet."

Denise Poirier, the voice of MTV's animated series "Aeon Flux" is scheduled to provide the narrative voice over for the documentary.

Each week, a new "webisode" will be uploaded to for the public to enjoy. The first episode will be uploaded on September 25th. An extended version of the "Maine Mutant Safari" documentary will be available as a special feature on the CRYPTID: The hunt for Bigfoot DVD. Viewers who wish to see the documentary on can search "Maine Mutant Safari" or check for a direct link.

A rain date for the "Maine Mutant Safari" has been scheduled for Tuesday, September 26th. If this happens, the first "webisode" will be uploaded on October 2nd.

For more information, please contact:

Olin Smith- Producer :
Andy Davis- Writer/Director :
Loren Coleman- Cryptozoologist:

Motion Media:
Emptyhouse Film:
Loren Coleman:
John Lane:



Over the past week, while in pre-production for our latest film, we learned that a baby bigfoot was found in maine...which happens to be the state we live in...and also happens to be the one of the subjects of our next film. As we speak, we have assembled a team of hunters that will be working around the clock for the next few days to see if they can "drag one in" for us...I think we're going to be successful in our venture. Check back soon for more updates and evidence on baby bigfoot.


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