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12 Feb 2007: "2" shooting info

For Immediate Use
For more information:
Contact Andy Davis

ZOMBIES! ZOMBIES! ZOMBIES! "2" brings zombies to Biddeford!

On Saturday, February 17th over 100 zombies will attack the Riverdam Millyard in Biddeford for the shooting of the zombie horror film "2", a new feature film by Motion Media/John Lane Films/Emptyhouse Film.

The film is being co-produced by Olin Smith (Mud, I'm Sorry) and John Lane, who is currently in the pre-production on "The Novice" starring Chuck Norris. "We've been amazed by the response from the public, it really seems like we have tapped into a zombie pipeline of sorts. We've had people come from 3 hours north and south, just to be a zombie in the film. It's been a great experience." said Executive Producer John Lane.

"2" is a zombie survivalist film co written by published author Al Lamanda (Dunstan Falls) and Andy Davis (Mud, I'm Sorry). "We are a week away from production on 2. Everything has come together nicely and in many cases better than we expected. We have a great cast and crew and the locations are just mind blowing…and did we mention there will be blood?" Said writer/director Andy Davis.

"2" tells the story of two survivors of a biological attack that has turned the world upside down and how they deal with their situation. "2" stars C. James Roberts (Mr.Barrington) and Molly Roberts (The Dark). "There is something about zombies that really attracts people to our film. For most of us involved, creating a zombie film is a dream come true. We're pulling out all the stops for this film, from the story and cast, to the locations and effects." Said Producer Olin Smith.

The Portland based band "Covered in Bees" is creating soundtrack music. The band was featured on the "Poulrygeist" soundtrack by Troma Films last year. A music video will be shot for the release of "2". The band can be found on the web at

Zombie extras were pulled from all over New England. On Saturday, they will go through a major transformation under the makeup brush of Robert Dipietrantonio and other talented makeup artists, then will appear in many scenes being shot that day. "2" will be shooting from February 16th-26th in Biddeford at the Riverdam Millyard (

More information on "2" including cast/crew bios, a "Zombie Hunting" flash game, "Zombie Contests", pictures and video can be found at:

All interested members of the press should email a letter of interest to:

What? Filming of mass zombie scenes for "2"
Where? 24 Pearl St. Biddeford Maine
When? 6am-9pm Saturday, February 17th, 2007

You can also find new "2" related videos at:


28 Jan 2007: zombie update

Hello horde of the undead!

We have contacted our top twenty zombies. If you did not get an email
saying you were chosen, fret not! On Saturday, February 17th from
7am-10 pm we want to invite you all back for our BIG zombie scenes.
This means you will be in the film as a zombie!

DATE: Saturday February 17th
TIME: 7am-10pm
LOCATION: Riverdam Millyard, 24 pearl st Biddeford Maine

PLEASE RSVP TO if you plan on attending.

PRESS: This will be our biggest day for filming zombies. If you wish
to come and photograph the event, please contact and she will give you further details. We
also welcome first person "zombie" perspective stories..if you wish to
get makup applied etc.

More news soon!


19 Jan 2007: Friday Update

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick update today for some Friday fun...

1. We're almost done going through our casting tapes and choosing our
top ten, we'll be in touch very soon!

2. There is a great story by photographer Chris Wallace at it will give you some more pics to
look at from the event.

3. We cut a few things together from Saturday's event. You can go to:
to see a teaser trailer and some of the funnier footage from our
casting session. Let us know what you think by leaving comments and
voting. Also, please pass it along to friends and family!

4. Look early next week for some big changes and updates at!

Thats about it for today, we'll be in touch soon!

John Lane- Executive Producer
Olin Smith- Producer
Andy Davis- Co-Writer/Director


14 Jan 2007: Saturday's Zombie Event

Hello zombie survivors!
We just wanted to thank you all for coming out yesterday and inspiring us to make a really solid zombie film. In total, over 100 of you came dressed as zombies, and not just dressed, but many of you with really elaborate top notch makeup jobs as well. What a day! We hope you guys had as much fun as we had. None of this could be possible without your help. We have some exciting news to share...Last night channel 6 did a great piece at 6 o clock, on Monday, the Journal Tribune will be publishing an article, also coming out this week, the Saco Courier, and the Windham Independent. Dj Cheryl Mercer also came to the event as a zombie bride. So be on the lookout for all of these stories and more!
Also, we will be updating our website ( soon with the following:
1. All the still images you took as zombies for people to vote on thier favorite zombie
2. Logo design voting.
3. Still images from the event
4. Our coloring contest finalists
5. Video from the event
Watching the video from the event, we have realized that the behind the scenes documentary is going to be a movie within itself...So be on the lookout for us to release the film TWO as well as a documentary on the process.
We want to give special thanks to everyone that made the event work behind the scenes. So many of you really pitched in to make the event a success and we thank you from the bottom of our undead hearts! When we update the website, look for new links to all the great volunteers from yesterdays event.
and now the great news!
You will all have a chance to be zombies in our film. A select few of you will be chosen to be our "lead" zombies and some of you will be chosen for small day role parts without zombie makeup. We'll be sending out emails in the next week or so with the results. We will also be sending out notices of when/where we will need zombie armies, and give a weeks notice each time.

And for a quick zombie fix of sights to come, many of you met Mark Hensley yesterday, as he was running around taking pictures. He has uploaded his collection to share with us and it can be found at THANKS MARK!

We will be in touch very soon with the results and look forward to seeing you all again in front of the camera very very soon!

The "2" crew,
John Lane- Executive Producer
Olin Smith- Producer/Cinematographer
Andy Davis- Co-Writer/Director

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Steven Sobol, Riverdam Millyard, Al Lamanda, Laurie Dee Whitman, Chris Wallace, Robert Dipietrantonio, Shane Trusty, Reggie Groff, Covered In Bees, Jessica Davis, Ross Kearney, Erin McNally, Michelle and Tristan, Sarah and Christian, Catherine Krupsky, Dan Moran, Mike Gorman, Eric Sillanpaa, Becki Dikeman, Abby at Cutelucca,Mark Hensley, Shawn French, Cheyl Mercer, Daniel Foley and everyone who helped us set up or tear down.

We will be in touch soon!


09 Jan 2007: ZOMBIE TRYOUTS!

Hello future zombies!

Our zombie casting will be held on: Saturday, January 13th at 9:00 AM at 24 Pearl Street in Biddeford Maine. A MAPQUEST from your location can be found at When you arrive, please find on street parking or park across from MULLIGANS restaurant. The casting will be held at Riverdam Millyard. You'll see signs saying ZOMBIE CASTING.

I'd like to give thanks to our sponsor for this event, Steven at Riverdam Millyard has really made this possible for us. Please visit Riverdam Millyard at

As mentioned, we would like you to come as zombies. We know not everyone has the makeup or the experience, but try your best! Please bring zombie spirit with you!
Also, if you are under 18 years of age, please make sure to have a parent or guardian with you. Everyone will be required to sign press releases upon entering the casting. We will be filming this event for the "behind the scenes" portion of the dvd release. We will also be taking a still picture of you. We will pick our favorite zombies for a few online voting competitions as well.

When you come this Saturday, you'll see a line. Please wait in this line, as we have to register everyone. This may take awhile, so please be patient with us!

Also on hand this Saturday, COVERED IN BEES, the band doing the soundtrack work for "2" , screenwriter Al Lamanda, Producer Olin Smith, and stars C. James Roberts and Molly Roberts.

It has been great reading all of your letters and comments! You guys sound like a very excited bunch of undead creatures! We are looking forward to meeting you all at the event this Saturday.

Please feel free to bring anyone else who may be interested that is not on our list.

If you are coming, please send an RSVP email to and tell her how many people you have coming.

Thanks and hope to see you there!

Andy Davis
Co-writer/Director of TWO

PS Those of you who are members of the press, just drop me an email and let me know you are coming so we are sure to have room for you to do some fun stuff as well.

"2" is a John Lane Films/Motion Media/Emptyhouse Film production starring C. James Roberts and Molly Roberts. More information and past press releases can be found at


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