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04 May 2007: new acting workshop by james stiles


TIME: Noon-4pm

With Instructor James Stiles of New England Casting
Tel: 207-458-0677

LOCATION: Acorn Productions. Westbrook, Maine. located in the Dana Warp Mill, 90 Bridge St. in Westbrook.

Acorn Productions

Tuition is $80.00 per student limited time only.

($250.00 value!)

Includes: Digital Photos, Audition Video, Online Portfolio on and DVD.

Actors shall learn the skills necessary to begin working on a film set.

Each student prepares for his/her on-camera "Intro Video", "Audition Video" and "Movie Scene" to be used on his/her online portfolio on

Auditioning information and practice auditions.

Digital headshots and production photos shall be taken for portfolio.

Online Portfolio's are accessible by hundreds of legit video and film produces.

Tips covered in the ACTING INTENSIVE.

1. Treat your career as a business. Learn how to market yourself as a performing artist.

2. Define what your "type" is and seek roles that are fitting.
3. Your headshot photos and audition video should represent you and the image…


28 Mar 2007: fangoria article and more

Hi Everyone,
While knee deep in the edit, we recieved an email from Fangoria today. They did a really nice piece on us and I knew I had to share it.

Check it out at:

We're really closing in on the edit now and should have a total roughcut with sound effects and music in place by next Monday. We are also gearing up for our next film, which is looking like it might start shooting in 2 months or so...can't say much more than that right now, but more news when we finalize it.

muskrat out.



25 Mar 2007: "2": the edit

Hey everyone!
Just wanted to send a little update on the edit. It is Saturday, March 25th at around 2 am. I've been editing 2 at home for the past 4 days and am at 25 minutes. It's a pretty good 25 minutes so far. Lots of fun scenes, some great gore, scares, humor and a general sense of discomfort. It's been a real treat to see each scene come together, many scenes with great surprises even to me. Anyhow, theres my update, keep those "edit jail letters" comin!
Happy Sunday.

muskrat out.



20 Mar 2007: new music video!

For Immediate Use 03-20-07
For more information:
Contact Andy Davis

Bringing ZOMBIES to life. The final stages of "2" and a new music video!

On Saturday, February 17th over 100 zombies attacked the Riverdam Millyard in Biddeford for the shooting of the zombie horror film "2", a new feature film by Motion Media/John Lane Films/Emptyhouse Film.

Now, over twenty-three hours of footage is being cut down into ninety minutes. "The editing process is where we really tell the story that we caught on film. The footage really shines. We really achieved what we set out to create," Said Executive Producer John Lane.

Production on "2" lasted twelve days. The cast and crew faced five gallons of blood, hundreds of zombie extras, 3 boxes of makeup, frigid temperatures, and a fire. "I'm very happy with the way the production turned out. Despite our challenges, like the fire, we came out on time and with great footage to craft our film, it's a credit to everyone involved." Said Producer Olin Smith.

"2" tells the story of two survivors of a biological attack that has turned the world upside down and how they deal with their situation. "2" stars C. James Roberts (Mr.Barrington) and Molly Roberts (The Dark). "Our actors not only gave us great performances, but in many cases really helped breathe life into the story by contributing many great ideas. In the end, 2 has taken on a life of it's own, and that's what I like to see with all of our films." Said Co-Writer/Director Andy Davis.

The Portland based band "Covered in Bees" is creating soundtrack music. The band was featured on the "Poultrygeist" soundtrack by Troma Films last year. A music video for the song "Zombees" was shot during the production of the movie and can be found at:

More information on "2" including cast/crew bios, a "Zombie Hunting" flash game, "Zombie Contests", pictures and video can be found at:


14 Mar 2007: "2" now has a myspace page!

Copy and paste this link to add "2" as a myspace friend.


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