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The Muffin Lady!

Susan Margiloff
Healthy Muffins & Quick Breads - Made to Order
No added fats, sugars or sweeteners
(207) 771-5670 susanmargiloff@verizon.net
"A Maine Time Dollar Network Participant"

The Muffin Lady specializes in healthy muffins and quick breads. All products are typically made with whole wheat flour and all natural ingredients. Substitutions can be made for individuals with special dietary needs (for instance, using spelt flour instead of whole wheat flour for individuals with wheat intolerance). No fats, sugars or artificial sweeteners are ever added to the mix (although ingredient add-ins such as chocolate chips may be processed with sugar and/or fat), and many items are made with protein powder, for that extra healthy kick!

The Muffin Lady has the following flavors available on a regular basis:
Banana Bread
Banana Chocolate Chip
Cranberry Apple
Apricot Ginger
Other flavors are available seasonally or by special order.
Current price is $15/dozen or $1.50 per muffin.
Please contact the Muffin Lady with any questions or to place an order.

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