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In Need Of

Let's face it, making a feature length film is rough stuff. MONSTER IN THE WOODS will be our fourth film in 2 years time. We are looking for a few good companies, businesses and products to help us out along the way. What we want to do is simple, we want to trade screen time for said product for cash or product. For more details, or to set up a meeting, please contact Andy at emptyhousefilm@gmail.com. We have quite a package to offer the right individual or product.

We are also looking for a "salesperson" of sorts to attract said product and businesses, so if you think you are that person, let us know! Email emptyhousefilm@gmail.com

Here are a few of the things we are looking for, just to give you an idea:
1. discount or free hotel rates
2. food and beverage (water, meals, etc) 3. transportation/travel 4. communications 5. printing services

We offer screentime, movie passes, movie credit, links to product in press releases, and much more, please get in touch with us today to find out more!

We are also going to be looking for extras for the film, so if you'd like to spend a free day on a movie set, please send us your contact info, phone, age, email, etc to emptyhousefilm@gmail.com

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