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The Cast

Anna: Jana Regan

Born and raised in Easton, Massachusetts, Jana has been living in Maine for five years. She grew up doing theatre and was slightly distraught upon moving to this uncivilized land until she found Running Over Productions (www.runningoverzombies.com) and people who love zombies as much as she does. This is her second feature length film, as she is wrapping up Altering Conclusions with Gold Shoe Productions as this is bio is being written. She is thrilled to be working with Emptyhouse Film and only hopes to have some blood spilled her way during this next exciting project.

Kline: Seth Holbrook

Seth Holbrook hails from the Boston area. He grew up in Melrose, MA where at the age of fourteen, he delved into the theater that his mother established. Since then he has not stopped. Though an accomplished stage actor, Seth is now finding a new love for film.

His recent roles in film include Christian, in the feature coming of age story "Dribbles," and Batman/Bruce Wayne in the independent short fan-film "Batman The Final victory." Seth is very exited to be playing the role of Kline, in Emptyhouse films newest feature.

Sherrif Paterson: Dennis Doiron

Dennis Doiron is a veteran of dozens of stage, television, commercial, video, film and voice-over appearances and is back in his second feature with Andy and Olin. Dennis played the role of the storekeeper, Mr. Samualson in MUD. He is an award winning singer and composer and was nuts enough to open 2 of his original stage musicals in the same week. As native Mainer, Dennis hopes that nobody ever tells anybody else that Maine is a nice place to live.

Jack Killington: Paul Drinan

While acting in New York, Paul studied with Jodie McClintock, Terry Schreiber and Patsy Rodenberg. Favorite theatrical roles include Stanley in "A Streetcar Named Desire", Berowne in "Loves Labours Lost", Nick in "Over The River", MacDuff in "Macbeth", Michael in "What Happened Was" and numerous characters with the radio theater troupes of Portland Radio Theater, Program Already In Progress and Rocky Coast Radio Theater. Paul is a company member of the popular Acorn Naked Shakespeare Ensemble and can be heard sonneting at Bard-friendly venues. Paul played the lead in the off - Broadway debut of the comic noir "Murder Mayhem" and has worked Mel Gibson, Michael Wilson and Cameron Diaz. He also has an extentive background in commercial television and print work and has done sport modeling from Miane to Montana. He's been asked to? do an adventure film in the Arctic Circle next March so check his website for updates as that project unfolds.?A full resume is available at his website.

Maura Lapanne: Carolyn Higgins

Carolyn who lives in Sanford, Maine with her older brother, younger sister and parents, is an eight year old girl. This is her first starring role in Andy Davis'- "Monster in the Woods" as a newcomer to films. She also participated as a "zombie" extra in the horror movie "2". She thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this zombie adventure and is thrilled to have the chance to work on this upcoming film.

At present, Carolyn is also performing in "The Wizard of Oz" a musical play directed by Leo Lunser at the Sanford Maine Stage Company. Other theatrical plays include "Scrooge, the Musical" and "The Sunflower Lady"- all performed in Sanford.

When Carolyn isn't socializing with her friends, she loves cooking, swimming, gardening, piano playing, playing soccer and entertaining/caring for her family pets.

And lastly, she can't wait to hear the words: "Lights, Camera, Action!"

Arnold Brier: Peter Paton

Peter Paton is beyond description because his friends aren't talking. Peter is a disturbing writer, terpischorian poet (Peter, by the way, hired out this writing assignment and is not responsible for these big words he's never heard before, and that is disturbing) pontifical performing artist of his own design, fast becoming a legend in his own mind. He is a lifetime dairy and vegetable farmer in Troy, Me.

(Peter isn't sure of some of these short words either.) In the past decade or so he has performed often on stage in Belfast, Waterville, Orono, Portland NYC and other places. He has performed in film including dozens of student films at the Rockport Workshops. He has trained at UMaine, the barnyard, Celebration Barn, and in NYC. Peter writes and performs his own shows, like The Peter Principle and The Peter Paton Show. He has three degrees from UMaine, two of them unpaid for, so please humor him.

Lionel: David Wallace

David has appeared in a number of stage productions with the Theater Project and with Freeport Community Players. He enjoys both watching and being in films. The whole process fascinates him. He recently worked on the "yet to be concluded" Altering Conclusions by Goldshoe Productions and can be seen in the recently concluded short, "Continuity" also by Goldshoe. David thoroughly enjoyed working on Monster In The Woods and is privileged to have rubbed elbows with such a great cast and production team. Way to go, Andy and Olin!

Reporter Terry: Cheryl Mercer-McCullough

I am a radio personality on WABK out of Augusta, Maine. I am a reporter in real-life as well! I have been working in the entertainment world ever since I was a young child - whether it is Theatre, TV, Radio or Film. I got involved with Emptyhouse Films back in January, 2007 auditioning for a zombie extra role and love working in independent film! I have lived all over the United States and I moved to Maine 8 years ago and think this is the best place in the world to be. I am a classically trained musician. I also front a heavy metal band, Inner Peace, for the last 16 years. I live with my husband, Joey, out in the Maine woods maintaining our fruit orchard, organic garden and flock of chickens. I brew my own beer and wine, enjoy writing poetry and short stories, love to paint and sculpt and occasionally take on a do-it-yourself remodeling project for my 110 year old home (if it's not too dangerous!) . I own two gorgeous Rottweillers, Dillinger and Jasmine, and a few cats and fish as well. I also enjoy camping, hiking, fishing and sitting around a campfire and telling ghost stories. My favorite holiday is also my wedding anniversary - Halloween!

Maura's Mother: Laura Graham

Laura Graham began acting at the age of twelve in her native Washington State and later earned a B.F.A. in Acting from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. She has since acted, directed, and taught in theatres and schools on both coasts of the US. Laura has appeared in several short films and a television pilot, but MONSTER IN THE WOODS is her first feature film.

Most recently, she has been performing Shakespeare with the Flock Theatre in Connecticut, where she played two of her favorite roles ever, Lady Macbeth and Desdemona.

Alan: Peter N. Dudar

Born in Albany NY, Peter attended the University at Albany where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in English. After matriculating in 1994, Peter moved to Maine where he started his writing career. His fiction can be found in the anthologies Bell, Book and Beyond, New Traditions in Terror, and Diabolic Tales, Vol. 1: An Anthology of Dark Minds (all available on Amazon.com). Other works of his have appeared in online fiction sites, including Horrorfind.com and The Gallows. He currently works for the United States Postal Service, and continues to spend his free time writing fiction.

Still new to acting, Peter was involved with the Emptyhouse Film production of the movie "2". In moviespeak, Peter was a zombie Shemp...meaning that he got to play several different zombies during the movie shoot. Being a part of the movie was the most fun he's ever had, which lead him to audition for Monster in the Woods.

Peter currently lives in Lisbon Falls, Maine. He and his lovely wife Amy are in the process of adopting their first child. They are naming their daughter Vivian.

Billy Bob: Dodo Brockman

Camera Man: Olin Smith

Carrie: Nanette Henning

Nanette is excited to be working on her second film with Andy and Olin. You might remember her as the slightly stressed Elena in I'm Sorry. Nanette has a love for both stage and film and has most recently been seen in the Little Festival of the Unexpected with Portland Stage Company and the Portland Phoenix's Short Film of the Year Driving Miss Crazy.

Prior to moving to Maine, Nanette lived in Los Angeles where she was a resident actor of Theatre Forty and performed in numerous productions including Little Murders, The Lion in Winter, The Manor, An Act of the Imagination and Chekhov in Yalta. Nanette was born and raised in Chicago where she performed with First Folio Shakespeare, Healthworks Theatre (an AIDS awareness children's theatre company), Summerfest Repertory Theatre, Timestep Players and was a founding member of C'est La Vie Drama. Nanette holds a BFA in acting from the University of Illinois and can been seen and heard nationwide in commercials, web hosting spots and voice-over work.


Dub: Dan Clark

Dan is nothing more than a figment of his roommate's overactive imagination. Were he real, though, he would tell you about his work with Portland-based theater group Running Over Productions and their wonderfuly offbeat shows. He might go on to mention his love of B-movies, rock music, fried foods, and animals of all shapes and sizes. If pressed, he would even let you buy him a cold beer on a hot day. But since he doesn't really exist, none of this is possible. Sorry.


Farmer Bushill: Jerry Walker

Jerry Walker is a retired Band and Theater director. He spent his 35 year career at Oxford Hills in South Paris and at Stearns in Millinocket. While in Millinocket, he was the Director of Performing Arts and was in charge of the Auditorium. In fact the auditorium is now known as the Arthur J. Walker Auditorium. Since his retirement he has acted and directed plays and musicals in local Community theaters. He has also been involved in a couple of independent films. . Jerry is one of the founders of the Daytime Players as well as an actor and director in the ensemble. He lives in Standish, with his wife Barbara.

Gary: Seffan Ganske

Steffan Ganske has trained in Boston, LA and Maine. His most recent performances has been in an independent film spoof "Bowling for Alderaan". Steffan enjoys performing in both theatre and film and has been developing his career in both genres since 2004.

Horace: Tony Ezzilio

I can't tell you enough how awesome it is for me to be working with Empty House Film, playing Horace.

I was a construction field engineer for more years then I would like to admit, from Miami to Portland, Maine. While visiting an old friend in the mid- coast, I ran into Jane, a friend I hadn't seen in twenty five years. I moved up to the mid-coast and Jane and I have been together ever since. Jane was taking her beautiful daughter Jasper [ a great actor], eleven years at the time, to a casting call. The movie was Message In A Bottle. Unreal, I was cast by Warner Brothers, on set every day, appearing in five scenes with the likes of Costner, Newman, Savage, and Robin Wright Penn.

I was hooked ! After Message in a Bottle I took Dee Cook's four week crash class in acting. That brought me to the International Film and Television Workshops At Rockport College. I acted there from 2001 to 2007, with over sixty student films. I've had the opportunity to act for classes taught by Alan Myerson, Robert Primes ASC, Rob Draper ACS, Paul Taylor, and Michael Schiffer to name a few.

Other films I have worked with include Maestro, directed by Doug Stradley and Daniel Stephens, In The Bedroom: Todd Fields Director and Liberty Maine: Josiah Emery director.

I'm currently working on Baystate Blues: Mark Lewis director and My Story/The Thirty Minute Movie; James Stiles director.

Jeb: Michael Best

Michael Best knew he was destined to be an actor three years ago, after chomping on his director's shoe during a Zombie casting call. Since that savory day, he's appeared in several plays with Portland based horror theater creeps, Runningover Productions. ( www.runningoverzombies.com) Michael is thrilled to be part of Monster in the Woods and very excited to test his monster movie mojo.

He has also done work with several other Portland theaters. The list includes Freeport Community Players (Man of La Mancha), Portland Stage Company (Christmas Carol) and he is currently involved with the Portland Player's production of the Full Monty. Michael enjoys filming as well (obviously!) and recently finished working with Portland Films on another independent film, I Quit, which is currently in its editing phase. Michael's professional goal is to have a beer (or six) with Bruce Campbell and learn his well kept secrets of lounge singing and zombie slaying.

Jed: Timothy J. Ryan

Tim is very excited & proud to be working with such a very talented cast & crew on what will surely be a very funny production. Tim is a very accomplished professional character actor having appeared in over 70 stage productions. He has also appeared the popular FRANK-FM television & radio ad spots as well as the current ColorTyme & Evergreen Credit Union television ads. His film credits include HBO's Golden Globe winning EMPIRE FALLS (He played Brian the hungover busboy with hygiene issues.) as well as the soon to be released independent feature films RECTIFED, BULLET 17, BAREFOOT COUNTRYGIRL and now MONSTER IN THE WOODS.

Besides acting Tim is very proud to be the director of Freeport High School's One Act Drama competition productions, which have won many awards. For the past seven years Tim has been one of only two directors in the state of Maine to produce student written productions for the statewide One Act drama competitions. Tim is also a published playwright having written the family themed plays WHO PUSHED HUMPTY DUMPTY? and MARY O’LEARY & THE LEPRECHAUNS OF BALLYBUNN VILLAGE. His plays have been seen all over the country. Tim's favorite production however is his beautiful 5 year old daughter Maggie. He wishes to thank Andy, Olin and John as well as the rest of the cast & crew for help making the magic happen. Break a leg everyone! Make sure you visit Tim's MySpace page.


Mail Man: Andy Davis

Man #1: Ian Sharkey

Ian Sharkey has always been told he should act. His first opportunity was as a Zombie extra in the movie "2". He knew then that he would pursue acting/filmmaking. As a result of his experience in "2", he enrolled in classes at Kennebec Valley Community College and plans to transfer to a University that offers theater courses.

Man#2: Shawn French

Shawn French, aka The Movie Hippy, got his start performing as a stand-up comic at age 16. He helped establish the Maine comedy scene in the early '90s and appeared on Comedy Central back in the day. After leaving the stage, he traveled the country for a decade and dabbled in several fields — videogame playtesting and design, comedy writing, boxing, fight choreography and had a three-year stint as the sports editor of a weekly newspaper. Shawn is currently the film critic for the Hamden Daily News in Connecticut and he's working on a short script he plans to shoot in 2008, entitled "Escape From Jesus Island."

Mulhearn: Charles Muldoon

Chuck has been acting in various independent film/TV projects since 1985. His formal stage debut was in 2006 in the Maine Short Play Festival. He recently wrapped shooting three other Maine-based productions, "Altering Conclusions," "Working the Line," and "I Quit." Monster is his third project with Empty House Film.

Ned: Snooj Dowdy

Snooj first worked with Emptyhouse Film on their zombie film "2" as a zombie extra and was estatic for the opportunity to work on Monster in the Woods. After working many years behind the curtain in theatre and behind the scenes in film, Snooj is looking forward to bringing his character to life on the screen. Snooj dedicates his performance to his late grandfather Harvey Seaney: a lumberjack, sawmill owner, shepherd, hardware store proprieter, hunter, trapper, and resident of the same house for 69 years. A true Mainer if there ever was one!

Old Timer: Dan Dow

Dan is an ex-poacher and has mended his ways - he has been in many films and 3 TV commercials. This is the 2nd movie Dan has done with Olin and Andy - he was casted as Carol LaPann in the movie MUD.


Waitress #1: Rebecca Flaherty

Waitress #2: Susan Margiloff

Susan Margiloff toyed with the idea of acting for many years after taking an introductory acting class in NYC during the late 1980's. It wasn't until she was living in Oregon and had some time on her hands that coincided with the filming of THUMBSUCKER - a Mike Mills film starring Keanu Reeves, Tilda Swinton and Vincent D'Onofrio - that Susan officially caught the acting bug while working as an Extra in a number of scenes. Since then, Susan has become an adrenaline junkie, addicted to the audition process. Fortunately, her addiction paid off with small roles in a student film, a public service announcement, an offbeat, local public broadcasting television episode, and now, MONSTER IN THE WOODS. Words cannot express how honored Susan is to be working with Andy and Olin on their latest Emptyhouse Films feature length movie.

Waitress #3: Kimberly Clark

Shadow Man: Mordicai Sulk

Mordicai Sulk is a horror illustrator and designer living in Westbrook Maine. He's a horror movie junkie loving the entire genre, although his favorites are of the low-budget, horribly acted type. He works late into the night painting portraits of various different monsters, with zombies being his favorite subject. His work can be seen at www.needmorebrains.com

He first got in touch with Andy to do the logo design for the film "2", then went on to do a 1950's inspired movie posted for the film as well. He jumped at the chance to do more graphic design for Andy for "Monster in the Woods", as well as some preliminary concept art of the monster, which can be seen at: needmorebrains.blogspot.com

This will also be the second film he's acted in for Andy and Olin. He first got bit by the acting bug playing a zombie in their film "2", which in itself was a dream come true. Now, with the role of Shadow Man, his reel keeps growing.

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