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The Crew

Executive Producer: John Lane

John Lane has been involved with the film/video community for over 35 years. He started out as a promotor working with acts like Steve Martin and Cheech and Chong and went on to produce his first film LOBSTEROIDS in 1989. Since then he has produced 3 films with Emptyhouse Film and Motion Media. He is currently working on a very big project in Texas.

Producer: Olin Smith

Olin Smith has worked in the film/video business for over 25 years. His great camerawork has earned him many respectable jobs, including being a regular broadcast shooter for many television programs. Recently, he has been producing films as well as overseeing an online training company.

Director: Andy Davis

"2" is Andy's 3rd directorship on a full length film. His other writing/directing credits include THE PUMPKIN MAN, THE DARK, TV NATION, MECHANAZOID, BENEATH THE FROST LINE, MUD, and I'M SORRY. In his spare time, Andy enjoys exploring abandoned insane asylums.

Screenplay by: Al Lamanda

More information about Al coming soon.

Assistant Director: Eric Sillanpaa

This is going to be the fifth film that Eric has worked on with Andy Davis. Eric started in 2002, as a publicist on Andy's short film called The Dark, and has worked on other Emptyhouse Film projects such as Beneath the Frostline and Mud. He was also a Production Assistant on a film, Creature From the Green Mist, produced by Duva Films in 2004. Eric is currently working on a couple of his own short films now, and hopes to start production on one sometime this summer or fall.

Producers Assistant: Rick Ouellette

Special Effects: Robert Dipietrantonio

VP Marketing and Events: Brooks Parsons Sr.

Makeup Artists: Ross Kearney, Kristina Doak, Sarah Tarling, Tristan Gallagher

Photographer: Chris Wallace

Concept Art: Dan Moran

Office Manager: Jessica Davis

Web Design: Shane Trusty

Based on a story by: Andy Davis

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